Why Your Business Needs a Nominated Person Service: An Essential Component for Compliance

Nominated Person Services

In the intricate landscape of corporate governance and compliance, the role of a nominated person stands as a critical pillar in ensuring seamless adherence to regulatory requirements. 

At Bracken Rothwell, we understand the significance of a Nominated Person Service in facilitating a robust line of communication between your business and the regulatory authorities, serving as a cornerstone for compliance and operational transparency.

What exactly is a Nominated Person, and why is it so pivotal for your business?

In essence, a nominated person is the designated point of contact between your company and the Registry. They are empowered and authorised to provide crucial information and make necessary submissions on behalf of your company. This role holds immense significance as it acts as a conduit for vital communication and compliance-related activities.

At Bracken Rothwell, our Nominated Person Services are meticulously designed to offer you peace of mind by ensuring your business is well-aligned with regulatory requirements. Here’s a closer look at the integral facets of our Nominated Person Services:

Access to Essential Information

The nominated person, utilising the JFSC’s digital registry, “myRegistry,” gains access to both the public and private information of your company. This encompasses comprehensive details of beneficial owners and controllers, those being the directors and shareholders of the company, ensuring that the regulatory body have a clear understanding of your business structure and ownership.

Submission of Essential Documents

The nominated person, acting as the liaison between your company and the regulatory body, is responsible for submitting critical documents such as the annual confirmation statement, special resolutions, documents relating to updates to directors, company secretary, registered office, beneficial owners and in the case of a dissolution of the company all respective forms and resolutions which are required to be submitted in order that the company can be dissolved. This not only streamlines the compliance process but also ensures that your business meets its obligations promptly and accurately.

A Crucial Link for Compliance

In an evolving regulatory landscape, maintaining compliance is not just about adhering to current regulations but also staying adaptable to changes. Having a nominated person service in place ensures a dedicated and knowledgeable professional is consistently updated with the latest compliance requirements, ready to act swiftly on behalf of your business.

Why choose Bracken Rothwell for Nominated Person Services?

Partnering with Bracken Rothwell for your Nominated Person Service means aligning your business with a proficient and dedicated team. Our expertise in the realm of chartered accountancy, coupled with a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, ensures that your business remains compliant and operationally efficient.

Contact us today to ensure your business has the essential support it needs for seamless compliance and governance.


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